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Grant Program





The Hammonton Education Foundation, Inc. is an independent, nonprofit, community-based organization established to acquire and distribute funds and other resources for the purposes of supplementing and enhancing the quality of education for students in the Hammonton School District. 


The goals of the Foundation are to:

1. Raise funds to enhance the quality of educational programs.

2. Encourage creativity within the staff by supporting unique projects.

3. Promote enrichment activities for the benefit of the student body.


Grants will be awarded once a year in May.  Applications must be submitted by MARCH 18TH.


The applications will be reviewed by members of the Grant Allocations Committee and will be evaluated according to our goals. Applications that do not follow the instructions and deadlines will not be considered except under extreme circumstances. Consistency with the goals of the Foundation, as stated above, is critical.  In addition to these goals, an emphasis is placed on the grant program impacting as many students as possible, so collaboration with colleagues across grade levels and/or departments is important.       


The maximum amount of any awarded grant will be $5,000.


If awarded a grant, the recipient(s) takes responsibility for the project as stated in his/her application and agrees to provide accurate accounting of the funds. The grant funds will be deposited with the Businees Administrator’s Office.  Requests for the grant funds will be made through the Business Office with a requisition form and a copy of the invoice to be paid.


Grant applications are available on-line at .

If your grant is awarded,  a final report will be required.  It will be emailed to you and is  due at the end of the school year in which the grant was implemented.  It will include a description of how the goals and objectives have been met and please relate how student learning has been enhanced as a result of the project using the evaluative assessment referenced in the original narrative.



Applications are also available in the principals’ offices in each of the schools.  

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