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Hammonton Education Foundation

The Hammonton Education Foundation, INC. is an independent, non-profit, community-based organization established to acquire and distribute funds and other resources for the purposes of supplementing and enhancing the quality of education for students in the Hammonton School District.


The Foundation is based on a partnership between the Hammonton School District and a variety of constituent groups within the community including civic groups, businesses, citizens and parents. By directing available resources toward areas of identified needs, educational strategies and programs, the Foundation serves as the avenue through which funding will be distributed to support programs contributing to academic excellence and/or educational enrichment.


The foundation’s “Blueberry Bush” project has been one of its top fundraisers. Leaves and a limited number of rocks remain.

  • To donate to the HHS blueberry bush, click here.

  • To donate to the HMS blueberry bush, click here.

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