Taste of the Town

The annual Taste of the Town is held every year in the Hammonton High School gymnasium. About two dozen local restaurants serve their signature dishes. The event also includes student entertainment and a Chinese auction.

Recycling Central

Recycling Central is held every September at the Our Lady of Mount Carmel grounds at Third and French streets. A mobile paper shredding unit will be onsite to provide safe, secure shredding of documents. Residents and businesses are encouraged to shred unwanted documents. Receipts for tax purposes will be provided. Several other community organizations — including the Hammonton Lions Club, the Atlantic County Library System’s Hammonton Branch, Migrant Worker Outreach and Hammonton High School’s Green Earth Club — participate in the event, held in conjunction with Hammonton’s Green Weekend.

Grants Update

The Hammonton Education Foundation awarded $29,666 worth of grants that will fund five projects in the Hammonton School District during the 2017-2018 school year. The foundation has awarded more than $430,000 worth of grants to local schools since its inception in 2003. Visit the grants page for more information.

Board of Trustees



Carol Orsi, President
Joanne Pullia, Vice President
Roseann Struble, Secretary
Shelley Henely, Treasurer
Dr. C. Dan Blachford, Superintendent
Executive  Director

Richard Baker

Rick Bumbera

Lori Calderone

Alberta Eppler

Marie Fucetola

Toni Anne Galletta

Michele L. Hetzel

Dr. Johanna Johnson

Mark Leiser

Rhonda Maimone

Alisha Massey 

Dan McAnney

Anthony Mortellite

Colleen Mortellite

Joanne Pullia

Loretta Rehmann

Dr. Frank Rudnesky

Cynthia Rizzotte

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